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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Politicians make Satan look like a saint!

Well, you can tell it's election season again. The airwaves are filled with negative political candidate ads. Even where at least one candidate started out with a "positive" message containing their ideas for running the [state] government, one eventually had to answer the negative ads with more negative ads. And my favorite negativism is to use that all-powerful "L"-word: liberal. It's supposed to portray some horrible character flaw that used by itself is all-telling and powerful.

So, in answer, I guess I'll invent my own name-calling label.
  • Conservative: deficit-spending, hatemonger. Someone who cuts taxes for the rich while spending money without control on any patriotically motivated program, and while being as bigotted as possible against anyone who doesn't agree with their own social bent.

And while we're talking about conservative ideals, the following appeared in a news article out of the White House:

"'Harriet Miers has a conservative judicial philosophy, and as a Supreme Court justice she will strictly interpret the Constitution, rule based on the facts, and not legislate from the bench,' Perino said." [emphasis added]

Well, stupid, nobody's fooled by your rhetoric. A judge, following their conservative (see above) viewpoint, is legislating from the bench too. So don't insult my intelligence. Get the pole out of your eye so you can see the splinter in everyone else's eye.

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