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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The State of TV Golf Coverage

I can hear everyone yawning over this one.

A year ago, many of the tournaments covered by CBS were broadcast in high definition. This year, other than the Masters, none have been broadcast in hi-def. What gives? Does this portend what the broadcasters' opinion of high def really is? I've heard that they prefer to broadcast more programming over their digital signal instead of broadcasting hi-def. I hope not.

Despite that, CBS remains the clear superior as far as their talking heads go. The "Inane Comment Award" goes to Johnny Miller on NBC and Peter Alliss on ABC. Do these guys ever listen to what they say? I doubt it! The PGA should insist on dumping these turkeys just like the Masters made CBS dump Gary McCord (I like Gary, BTW, but I know some don't - including my wife).

To change the subject slightly, what was up with CBS returning to their scheduled programs in progress last night after W made his Supreme Court nomination speech. They couldn't delay their programming a measly 10 minutes. Dumb move guys.
posted by Steven 3:09 PM

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