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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

With All Due Respect ...

Mr. President, if the war against terror, in both Afganistan and Iraq, is so important, why aren't your daughters on the front lines leading by example?

Could it be that they don't believe in your war? Or is it that the rich and politically connected don't have to risk the ultimate sacrifice in defense of their country?

Maybe we should have a Constitutional amendment to require the President and Vice-President to have a son or daughter in the Armed Services (and on the front lines without any Secret Service protection).

Like they say, "if you don't play the game, you can't make the rules."

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Monday, August 30, 2004

The State of Politics

I've come to the conclusion that politics today is like religion. Everyone thinks that their "preferred" candidate represents the only "absolute truth." They can't understand why anyone could believe anything else but their version of "absolute truth."

We've become a country divided. The fringes on both sides, left and right, or if I could stand to use the "L" and "C" words that seem to be spat from the mouths of today's candidates, have been pitted against each other by the media in order to draw us in to the bloodsport of a national cock (as in rooster, although it seems that other meanings may be appropriate) fight. It's a shame that we've become entrenched in a two-party system. And we've gotten that way because too many people "worship" the main political parties rather than using their brains to analyze what the candidates stand for, assuming you could get them to verbalize it in a concrete and positive way.

Imagine what would happen if a true center-moderate party could evolve with a candidate that would bring a positive message to the middle of America. Maybe we could actually get something done to bring America back to its senses!

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