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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Record Companies
I wish they'd quit their complaining about pirating. First of all, I don't generally pirate music. I won't pass judgement on those that do.

Here's why I think the Record Companies should shut up about declining sales. First, they are putting out more crap then ever. I used to buy 2-3 albums a month. But soon, I'd buy something by an artist I liked and I'd discover that they've changed their style. I like Country music - real Country music. All they put out now is pop slop. So now, if I buy 6 albums a year, that's a lot. And those albums are by artists that have remained true to their music.

Second, if I were to copy a song or an album, it would probably be something I wouldn't spend my money on. I do have a collection of mp3 files that I legally downloaded of various official sites. I do listen to them on a regular basis. If was something that I liked, I did go out and buy the album, but that's not generally the case. So the Record Companies didn't lose any money, because I wouldn't have given it to them in the first place.

Lastly, if they'd make their download-for-money sites reasonable, they might get more people to lay down a few cents for their music. But don't rent me a song that won't play after a month or charge me an arm-and-a-leg. By hosting songs online, they've eliminated most of their costs. The prices they charge should reflect those costs instead of what they think this crap is worth because they have the only outlet for the music.
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